1. Exploiter

2. Last Mistake

3. The New Conspiracy

4. Veil of Deception

5. Strain

6. Day in the Sun

7. Breaking Point

8. Etched in Sand

9. Forward Rearview

1. I, Punishment

2. Engines

3. Here in Hell


Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: Davie / McCaffrey / Scioscia © 2008

You - so lost and alone
I have been waiting for you
I can see what lives within those eyes
The tortured soul who never was a child
Demons dance behind your mask
Endless torment from what's locked inside

Exploiter (4x)

Come - you've no need to fear
I can satisfy dreams
I control you while I feed your needs
Replacing your lost self esteem with greed
I give a little, take back more
And when there's nothing left you are devoured

Exploiter (4x)

Drowned in a black pool of tears
Dreams painted in blood
Pretending as you live your shameful lie
That money sex and fame will fill the void
When drugs no longer numb the pain
A thousand more await to take your place

You came to me with something to sell
You made the choice - no pity for you
So young and cool
No one laments for your descent
You knew it all - now I'll see you crawl
Down on your knees crawl to me


Victimless crime, the law's on my side
You wanted fame and I play the game
Always the same - you lose
You came to me with something to sell
You made the choice - now you'll pay the price
Paying the price with your life

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: Davie / McCaffrey / Nolz / Scioscia © 2008

Black is all I see
This can't be happening
Mind awake and screaming
Body not answering
Forcing myself to think
Through frantic panicking
Am I alive or dead
Or somewhere in between

Re-living past events
Searching for evidence
Confront secrets and lies
The demons deep inside
Know I've dug my own grave
And in this grave I'll lie
Tormented by the darkness
Of an endless void

Memories never erased
History cannot be changed
Etched into the pages of time

With honesty and truth at your side
Conscience will serve as your guide
Peace will await in the end


One day you will make your last mistake
But you'll never know when that day comes


One day you will make your last mistake
And you'll have eternity to pay


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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: Davie / McCaffrey / Nolz / Scioscia © 2008

Take these eyes from me
I've seen too much
The tragedy of ignorance

Dumbing down the nation how much lower can we go
Before we realize that we've gone too far
Culture of stupidity, braindead from our apathy
Why can't we see ourselves for what we are

Turn on the tv, unreal reality
Agendas woven in the lines between
Uninformed and blinded, polarized divided
Poisoned by the new conspiracy

Morally bereft we have no spirit left
crushed by the velvet fist of the P.C.
Contradictory hypocrisy, condemned by their authority
To live according to their warped beliefs

Brainwashed and distracted, laws become enacted
Remove our right to independent thought
Patronized dehumanized society of drones
It won't be long until our freedom's lost


We are hypnotized
Feed us - feed us lies

Misled, manipulated
Media orchestrated
Control uneducated minds
Conquered right before our eyes


We are hypnotized
Feed us - feed us lies (repeat)

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: Davie / McCaffrey / Nolz / Scioscia © 2008

Asleep lying beside me
In peace your dreams bring rest to your soul
Awake I feel the darkness
Tormented by the secrets inside I hold

Visions of my hell flash before me
Temptations of the flesh beckoning
A hunger that can never be sated
Craving ever more constantly

Snared in the claw of addiction
Choked by its tightening grip
Tearing my life into pieces
Mere fragments of myself still exist

I am the one you have chosen
Your love and your trust in my hands
Masked behind veils of deception
You don't even know who I am


Caressed by morning's light
The glow softens your face
Still staring into shadows receding
Lost in the depths of my own abyss

Knowing that the truth would destroy you
Knowing that I never will be free
This web of lies woven with razors
How long until both of us bleed

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: J McCaffrey © 2008

Wrenched from unconsciousness
Drenched in cold sweat
Light up a smoke
Pretend to forget
Hands won't stop shaking
Ice picks pierce my brain
Just have to face it
It's morning again

Strain (2x)

Stand in the snow
Wait for the train
Motorized tomb
Of the walking dead
Each car a coffin
Each day the last ride
Back to the machine
Back to the grind

Strain (2x)

Every dream spent
Still can't make the rent
One of these days
One of these days
It's all coming down

The pressure bursts behind my eyes
Seeing red I realize
It's blood my fists are covered in
I don't know how, don't know when
But finally I fear I've snapped
And now there is no going back
I'm the victim, done no wrong
This world made me what I've become


Strain (2x)

Jolted awake
All is the same
The cycle repeats
It's morning again

One of these days
It's all coming down

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2008
Music by: Davie / McCaffrey / Scioscia © 2008

Mudbound, crawling
Shades of black in shadows cold

Where does the darkness end?

Chilling, numbing
Naked skin on broken bones
One chance is all I ask
To rise above this filthy ground

I've never seen the light
Blinded by endless night
Day in the sun
When will mine come?

Piercing crystals
Freezing snow damp and raw
Tired, empty
In the earth lay me down

When will I see the light?
Blinded by endless night
Day in the sun
Life in the rain

Enveloped by tormented sleep
Subconscious mist swirling deep
Visions conjuring inside
Revealing truth to the mind's eye

Disjointed images of what my life should have been
Haunting me, taunting me in unwanted dreams
So much time gone, so much time burned lost in wait
Ashes of hope washed away...

From the edge now falling
Distant voices calling
Gray clouds begin to break
But now it's too late

For me
It's too late

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Lyrics & Music by: Tom Nolz © 2008

I am reborn
Spiritual death brings renewal of life
The demons from within
With my own hands I can rebuild
What's left
To begin again

Breaking Point


Any mountain can be climbed
Step by step, one step at a time
Lost in despair, it's hardest to find
The narrow path back when you've gone
Beyond the line

Returned to an oblivious world
No one cares
But I know what it means
I know what it means
Just to be alive


Will I falter in the darkness when I find myself alone
Can I trust my instincts not to lead me wrong
Braced against the unknown as each new day comes
Temptation unrelenting, I hope I will be strong

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2005
Music by: Davie / Nolz / Scioscia © 2005

Shift (4x)

Randomly inserted at a junction on a line
Revolving on an axis through spaces undefined

Solitary bodies orbit, fade away and die
The cycle of infinity encircling our lives

Isolated moments of peace
Distant islands in dark, raging seas

Will everything I worked for, all my hopes and dreams
Be scattered with the shifting sands and buried out of reach?

Feel as though I can't stop bleeding
From my heart my spirit's leaving
Is there there meaning?
Death is certain, life is fleeting

So fragile and so tenuous our grasp on every grain
Endlessly rebuilding what gets swept away again
Carried off on vicious winds, blurred by pounding rains
Existence merely etched in sand as tides of time erase

All that I've created, all that once was mine
When I am returned to dust what will be left behind?
So few become immortal through fame or infamy
Destiny provides the door and fate's hand turns the key

SOLO 1 & 2: CJ
SOLO 3: Ross The Boss

Born into the cycle, inserted randomly
Who will break the circle and live on in history?
Those who won't surrender fight against futility
Through blood and sweat to carve in stone a lasting legacy

Cosmic wheels will not stop turning
Time's dark sea forever flowing
Fill your world with its own meaning
Find your purpose and start living


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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2005
Music by: Davie / Nolz / Scioscia © 2005

Fingers gripped around the wheel
No emotions left to feel
Not sure where I'm going to
Except it's far away from you

Renegade, rule breaker
Non-conformist, agitator
Carved my own path all along
Back on the road where I belong

Forward rearview looking back
Moments fading into black
Been through Hell more times than most
Then headed south and coast to coast
Seems no matter where you go
Your past follows

Tried but just can't leave behind
You're always there, we're side by side
Along for yet another ride
Out on the road one more time

Can't erase all the things I have done
The ones I've hurt, and the ones I have wronged
Pain is all that I ever bring along
As once again I have no choice but to move on

Can't change who I am, where I come from
The battles waged, the tattoos and the scars I've earned
Enemies and friends alike both have known
Through it all, this life I've made is my own

Forward rearview looking back
Moments fading into black
Engine's rhythm moves the night
Chase horizon's waking light
Seems no matter where I go
My past follows

Winding highways, countless miles
Debts that can't be reconciled
My past and I, we ride alone
Back on the road where we belong

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2005
Music by: Davie / Nolz / Scioscia © 2005

From the corner of the room feel your eyes burning through me
Just an innocent no idea what you've unleashed
Taken by the hand feel your will slipping away
A lamb following your master to the slaughter

Twisted are the rules which guide our lust for satisfaction
So fine the line we draw between revulsion and attraction
Perilously lunging, writhing, clawing after more
Beyond the searing throes of pain experienced before

I, Punishment unto you I've been sent
I claim your soul, you are mine

Acts unspeakable yet it seems you've done them all
Knowledge of the arts so perverse so dark so pure
Flashes in your eyes of what lies hidden within
Secrets now revealed we are one union of sin

Weakened, buckling under this violent revelation
Rendered helpless totally by such flawless imperfection
Desecrated angel, wings singed black by tongues of fire
Commanding uncontrollably with glowing white desire

I, Punishment unto you I've been sent
I claim your soul, you are mine
My Punishment unto me you've been sent
You own my soul I am yours

Ripped by whip and chain run through by needles, nails and spikes
Blood is the elixir, drink deep unto eternal life


Spirits now awakened plunging into the unknown
Asphyxiating spiraling climactic vortex zone

I, Punishment unto you I've been sent
I claim your soul, you are mine
We, Punishment equal in our torment
Two damaged souls become one

So easily it seems that flesh will tear away from bone
Stripped of earthly pretense reduced to elements alone
Blood and sinew can't contain the consuming rage of passion
Devoured by obsession we fall away into oblivion


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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2005
Music by: Davie / Nolz / Scioscia © 2005

Igniting from electric spark
Pistons strain to tear apart
Spinning gears and fire breathing pipes
Supercharged and screaming past
Built for speed not built to last
Injected nitro burning in my eyes

Got no idea where I'm going but
I'm damn sure that I'll get there fast
One destination awaits for us all
Last stop the end of the line

Throttle pinned down to the floor
A rush that is worth dying for
Taking life just seconds at a time
Mind is blown on nitrous fumes
Body wrecked by the abuse
Run the lights and take another ride

Every day that you remain in the race
Gives you just that much less time
One destination awaits for us all
Next stop the end of the line


Existence in our modern age
Makes us machines, makes us slaves
Relentless pace will drive you to the ground
Engines move mechanically
No heart, no soul and no feeling
Yet without fuel or spark or air they die

Didn't know where I was going but
I know that I got here too fast
Everyday grind has let life slip away
And now I've run out of time

Making the most out of each passing day
Next moment could be the last
One destination awaits for us all
Here comes the end of the line

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Lyrics by: Tom Nolz © 2005
Music by: Davie / Nolz / Scioscia © 2005

My fist, your face
The shock of surprise, the fear in your eyes
Falling through space
Blinded by pain as your consciousness fades
Remember my name
Destroyed my humanity, robbed me of dignity
Your time is up...Now you will pay

Have you ever wondered if this day was going to come
When a long forgotten victim would return to right your wrongs
Whose innocence you poisoned turned venomous and black
And whose cruelty you ignited would strike you back


Sudden awareness of what lies ahead of us
How does it feel
Totally powerless you are the victim now
In my control
Here you will know the effects of my suffering
Nightmare begun...Now you will pay

Look into my eyes you are sure to see
All the inner demons you've arisen within me
The wounds inside you opened so very long ago
Have left me with just one desire...To bring you down


You taught me to hate
To hate myself
To be afraid
When my spirit died
I learned to kill
And here we are...

Pleading pathetically
Wretched worthless being
Used to intimidate
Brutal twist of fate
Anguished tears you cry
Can't wash away your crimes
Betrayed, lied and raped
You can't avoid your fate

In your blood I see
Tragic victory
Freedom from the chains
Forged by years of rage
Screams of agony
Triumph's symphony
You wrecked what was my life
Was it worth the price?

There's no trust, there's no truth, there's no love
There's no faith, there's no light, there's no rest
There's no soul, there's no peace, there's no life
There's no hope, there's no god, there's no end

Here in hell

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Images © 2008 Tom Nolz.